Pharmact Holding AG is the think tank for medical products and provides a platform for its subsidiaries.

The company owns various patents and other intellectual property rights. These rights are provided to its subsidiaries, which are organized in the fields of research & development, production, distribution and organization.


Pharmact is a biopharmaceutical company which has used its broad expertise in the treatment of arteriosclerosis to successfully complete the development of a new therapeutic drug for a number of diseases. Several immunoassay rapid tests have been developed in parallel. These point-of-care tests are intended for use in early diagnostics, for example in the screening of a developing diabetes melitus.

The company has developed the new molecule by using a genetic engineered technology process. Meanwhile, patent applications for the substance and a number of different treatments have been filed worldwide. The novel substance provides us with the platform for the approval process we have initiated in Europe, the USA and possibly other sites in the same time.

The pharmaceutical substance is GMP conform and is available in several lots. Until the end of Q3. 2020 for animal testing, toxicology and safety. The clinical trial of the drug “BelACT” is scheduled to run in multiple locations around the world in parallel. We have started the required regulatory process and have prepared the entire study design for Phase I / II / IIA.


Since its incorporation in 2014, the company has been financed exclusively by the shareholders and private investments.

In preparation of the clinical studies for the approval of the drug there is a private placement scheduled in form of a convertible bond to be issued.

For interest and for any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us by email “Investor”.