In August 2002, 10 years later I had my second myocardial infarction. In the heart center  Lahr/Baden there was another catheter examination and I was told that a bypass operation alone could help. On September 2nd 2002 my new life has started – with 4 bypasses. The pain was gone and life was beautiful again without complaints. However, this did not last very long. Already 5 years later in summer 2007, I had an emergency visit at a cardiologist having experienced severe chest pain. I was told that the pain came originally from my back radiating in the chest. After this pain became worse I switched the physician. In the Center for Cardiovascular Diagnostics in Zweibrücken a heart catheter examination was performed again on August 11th 2008. Three of the four bypasses were occluded and I was recommended to review with Professor Schäfers, University Hospital Homburg/Saar the possibility of another bypass surgery.

It was not alone the risks of a second surgery of this kind that made me anxious. Especially the insight that my “body own material” should be of minor quality making another occlusion possible made me nervous. A second surgery would have used up my “material reserves” and after another 6-7 years, on my 65th or 66th birthday, I would have to encounter the fact that my arteries were occluded again. Without additional “material” it would have been a question of time until my heart would start to fail.

I was recommended to reduce my antihypertensive medication. Until today (April 2014) my blood pressure is around 137 / 75 (with low variability).

It has been pure luck that I met the two physicians Cullmann and Dr. Burgard in summer 2007. Dr. Gunther Burgard told me about his new therapy with BelACT administered in high doses intravenously. However, he told me that this therapy had not been regulatory approved yet, the treatment would have been exclusively at my own risk. In addition, the sick funds would definitely not reimburse the treatment so that I would have to pay it out of my own pocket. This therapy was priced at a couple of thousands EUR, on the other hand my life was at stake.

In September 2008, I gave my informed consent and received my first infusion of an special bovine enzyme mixture. In the next 5 days of treatment both physicians increased the doses significantly. On my way home from the physician`s office I experienced my first reaction. I felt dizziness, weakness and had difficulties to drive home. I called Dr. Burgard to tell him about my problem. His response was: “Do not worry. Probably, a narrowing in the renal artery has opened”.

The therapy with BelACT has led to the fact that I have survived until today without second surgery and that I can lead a half-way normal life. For sure, some weather induced restrictions are present. I am waiting now for the end of the new experimental series with the new enzyme. The first laboratory tests really thrilled me. The new therapy is supposed to be much more intense. Based on the innovative way of production the drug is available basically without limit so that not only a few wealthy people can afford this treatment. And if even only half of what the new laboratory promise actually holds BelACT can be the top treatment against the threat No.1 of mankind.

I hope that the effect of the therapy with BelACT still holds until the new product is available. At any rate I will be one of the first to be treated again. Not for somebody else, only for me and my quality of life.



*1) The name of the patient, birthday and other personal details have been changed due to security reasons